miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

And so much more...

There were many more activities and sports events, all culminating with a Mass on the 12th.

Agua Park

The 3rd of December we took the children to a water park in Escuintla named Agua Park and they really enjoyed it. After lunch we all left for Chimaltenango, where we lit the anniversary torch. All the kids really love this activity because they have an opportunity to go to a place outside of Santa Apolonia.


After all the educational activities, like the ending of the school year and graduations, everyone participated in different committees to celebrate our 23rd anniversary. We started on the 2nd of December with the inauguration of the young girl representatives of Los Hogares.


7 students from Los Hogares finished grade school and 8 finished high school. The 8 who have completed their studies at the high school level are now in charge of their education; doing necessary investigations and enrollments to begin their careers in January. Go forward boys and girls. We love you so much.